Suzanne Peck

Role at JSO:  Payroll Manager & Bookkeeper

I met Lyn at a networking event many years before I joined Just Simply Organised, while working in a family business, and remember saying “I would love to work for a company with that name, it sounds just like me”.  In July 2012 that ambition came true when I joined Lyn and the team to work on the payrolls and take on some bookkeeping clients.  At home, I enjoy gardening, cross stitch projects and baking, most importantly sharing the homemade cakes and bread with family and friends over a cup of tea!

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I love building relationships with our clients, whether in person, on the phone or through monthly payroll email conversations, and finding out what we at JSO can do to make their life easier and then doing it.  I also enjoy the constant challenge of keeping up to date with payroll changes as they occur and passing on my knowledge to other members of the team.

Secret skill? Sudoku

What is your best quality?  Attention to detail and being “just simply organised” (Lyn may not agree!)

What is the last thing you would grab from your house in an emergency?  Family first, then my photo albums.

Sweet or savoury?  At the moment, savoury but it does change!

Dinner party guest you would love to invite? Michael Ball – he would have to sing for his supper, though.