Association of Crufts

Role at JSO:  Chasing Late Returns & Bad Debts

I joined Just Simply Organised in 2017 and, although very young, soon settled in to my role with ease. I have mastered the art of an early warning system…I just can’t find the ‘off’ button sometimes!

Outside of work I love walking and exploring new places. I have some lovely human cousins who I like to see as often as possible, they appear to be called ‘grandchildren’….

What do you most enjoy about your current role?  Keeping the team in order and making sure they are at their desks and working hard.

What is your best quality?   Surprising the staff with a warning bark when someone is approaching….and they don’t know I am there It’s good fun!

Secret skill?  Knowing which postmen carry dog biscuits.

Wine or beer?   Neither, I love water.

What is the last thing you would grab from your house in an emergency?   My carrot toy.

Sweet or savoury?  I’m not allowed sweet things…but I’m sure I would like them.

Dinner party guest you would love to invite?    Dave, my Irish Wolfhound friend.